8 good reasons to choose Alpaca

1. Alpaca Wool is the Fibre of the Gods Alpaca Wool was once known to Inca Royalty as the "Fibre of the Gods”. It is a soft, lightweight, lustrous fibre, second only to silk for strength, comparable to cashmere for luxury and more durable than both.

2. Hypoallergenic The hollow fibre in alpaca wool also creates a cool, dry environment in which dust mites are not able to breed, Therefore the wool and products do not aggravate asthma or other respiratory allergies triggered by dust mites. Unlike sheep’s wool. Alpaca wool is also naturally free from lanolin, a substance which can cause allergic reaction in some people.

3. Soft While similar to sheep’s wool, alpaca wool is warmer and not prickly. In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy and silky. Perfect luxury for slumbering down in.

4. British The product is entirely British, with little environmental impact in production.

5. Temperature control Alpaca wool is a hollow fibre which is the key to how Alpacas control their temperature, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. Using the wool in duvets helps you to control your body temperature better. If you wake from being too hot or too cold in the night, the natural materials acts as a thermostat meaning your sleep is less likely to be interrupted and you wake up feeling fresh to face the day.

6. Animal Friendly Our alpacas are bred just for their wool - not their meat. So no animal suffering is involved in the making of our products. And believe me ours are particularly well looked after.

7. Quality The products are produced by a small rural family run company in Lincolnshire, ensuring quality.

8. It’s just snuggly!

8 reasons to choose Alpaca
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